Free Download of What Bird is That?

California Naturalist book

When I’m not writing books, I’m a California Naturalist. It’s a title equivalent to a Master Naturalist in other states, and means I’ve taken a semester soaking up knowledge about the birds, beasts, and biomes of my state, along with information about its origins, how to protect it, and how to share my enthusiasm with others.

It also means I volunteer at least 40 hours a year to natural history ventures in my state, including fun stuff like the Elkhorn Slough Snowy Plover Mud Stomp. And I keep learning—all the time—about important stuff like fungus, without which we’d all be toast.

For my required capstone project, I created a 36-page introduction to bird watching in my neighborhood. With just the key facts about only the most common birds, it’s meant as an appetizer, with a full page of information on where to go to get more details should you crave them.

The booklet is available to borrow at the Pajaro Dunes Nature Center and at the front desk. Anyone who would like a copy of their own is welcome to download one here. Please let me know if you spot any problems or mistakes. It’s a work in progress!