10 Tips to Corral Beach Vacation Clutter


Kids and beaches are a classic part of summer. But we’ve all seen visitors who appear to have packed for a month-long safari and spend all their time lugging equipment between beach and car. Or those whose kids get sand in uncomfortable spots and make everyone miserable. A little pre-planning makes any trip more fun for everyone.

  1.  Reduce housekeeping chores by installing a foot rinsing station outside your front door. Keep it simple. A plastic dishpan of water and a towel or soft brush will do the trick.

  2.  Use mesh bags to transport sand toys. Shake to get rid of excess sand then rinse off in the ocean, with a house, or under a faucet at the end of your trip. Toss the whole bag in a plastic garbage bag for maximum sand control.

  3.  Manage sand in the car by lining passenger foot wells with old towels you can carefully lift and shake out when necessary. Keep a whisk broom handy for the driver’s area, where a towel could get dangerously tangled among feet and pedals.

  4.  Cover rear passenger seats with a fitted sheet. As often as necessary, the sheet can be removed and shaken out or laundered.

  5. On vacation at the beach without sand toys? Check your rental kitchen for durable, unbreakable measuring cups or containers. Be sure to return them to the unit at the end of your stay.

  6.  A rental with easy access to laundry facilities will make packing easier, leaving you room to pack layers adaptable to vacillating temperatures and conditions.

  7.  Having trouble removing sand from skin? Sprinkle baby powder or corn starch over the sandy area. The powder absorbs moisture, making it easier (and less abrasive) to brush the sand away.

  8.  Sunburn can ruin a vacation. Test sunscreens before the trip to make sure you’ve found one the kids will tolerate. Bring extra.

  9.  Consider timing beach visits for early mornings or near sunset when beaches may be less crowded, sand is cooler, and sun exposure is less intense.

  10.  Sand in the eyes? Bring extra water and keep a sand-free cloth in a zip lock bag.

Mary Feliz