Ten gift ideas for authors and bibliophiles

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If you've got a reader or writer on your holiday gift list, you've got a challenge. A lack of impulse control when it comes to the written word means favored novels and non-fiction have already joined thetowering to-be-read piles belonging to your loved ones. 

What to do? Here are 10 ideas, each of which comes with a variety of options, giving you hundreds of possible choices. Many of these items are individually created and require significant lead time for holiday delivery -- which is why I'm launching this blog pre-Halloween!

The crafty among you can adapt some of these concepts and individualize them : 


Play it by Ear: What better way for her to proclaim her devotion to a favorite author or book? Custom Orders available. $18



Sock it to 'em: The Sock Drawer offers a wide variety of footwear celebrating classic novels sure to please any bibliophile. $10



Celebrate the Sleuth Within: With this pin reminiscent of Nancy Drew created by Laura Bruland Shields $20 (Other literary gifts available, created by the same artist.) 



Shelve it: Society6 offers a variety of book themed bags for your groceries, books, or gym gear. $21



Life is too short to read bad books or drink bad wine. Perfect for your book club buds. Custom orders available for painted glassware and glasswear. Cat not included. $20



Truth in Signage: This artist also offers "I'm writing" and "I'm reading" signs for the more disciplined folks on your list. $14 (Order early. Ships from the UK) 



Creatures were stirring...and reading: Theatrical costumer creates bookish mice...along with those dressed as wizards, knights, chefs, nurses, etc. Contact the artist for price and availability at: mouseearsandwhiskers (at) gmail (dot) com. (convert email address to standard format with symbols and without spaces). 

Frame it.jpg

Frame it: Cover art is too wonderful to remain hidden on a shelf. Frame their magnum opus or favorite fiction. $40 (varies). Load up a jpeg at various custom framing sites including: https://www.frameiteasy.com


Get it in ink: Signed copies of favorite authors books give readers a warm glow. BN.com, Amazon.com, https://www.abebooks.com/books/inscribed-autographed-signature-collectible, and your local book seller can help you. Or contact authors directly via their websites. (For the stickers, go to: http://autographedbytheauthor.com)


Tell it like it is: "She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain" –Louisa May Alcott. This artist offers many similarly themed options. $32  https://www.etsy.com/listing/246803031/bookworm-she-is-too-fond-of-books